What do we offer?

Premium Level Dentistry

At Palmadent we offer premium level dentistry in a pleasant and confortable environment. We are aware of the fact that a single tooth should not be treated before previously understanding the desires and needs of the patient, and obviously also analizing the existing health of the whole dentition
Our goal is that every patient should leave our clinic with a natural smile. Teeth should be healthy, strong and beautiful. Without a doubt this benefits to the patient's self-esteem and delivers an impression of vitality and positive personality.
Our job is to diagnose, treat and prevent dental problems, aiming for a harmony in the dental health of our patients. This stretches from the functionality (such as mastication) to the esthetics of the dentition, to accomplish an appealing smile.

Our clinic provides 'Academic Dentistry', which means offering advanced dental solutions, using evidence based and scientifically proven dental treatments (no experimental treatments).

Visitation and maintenance

We recommend our patients to have a general check and cleaning minumum once a year.

Patients with gum problems attend our hygienist more often, depending on the severity of the problem.

Patients who have had  " dental whitening treatment" are advised to also see the hygienist every 6 months.


If you wish we can remind you periodically of your scheduled visit with the dentist or hygienist.